tal_16Im Tal 16, between Marienplatz and Isartor, there is our headquarters including office and management.

For you, our patient, our location at Tal 16 should be the drop-in centre if you need consultation or treatment. We will do all initial consultations and appointed follow-up examinations in Tal 16. Just ask for an appointment at:

Phone 089 / 24 21 87 33



Arabella Klinik / Herzogpark Klinik

arabellahausOur surgery is performed after preliminary consultation at our headquarters (Tal 16) in the Arabella- and Herzogparkklinik complex. http://www.arabellaklinik.de

Patients of all insurance companies may enjoy a high standard of medical technology and healthcare in our clinic on the 19th floor of the Arabella house. The patient rooms are generous and comfortably equipped. A neurosurgical surgery room equipped by latest standards is available for neuro-surgery and for pain-therapeutic interventions. At every working day, our neurosurgeons of the MCC Neurosurgery City Centre are performing surgeries, pain-therapeutic interventions and rounds there. For emergencies, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for patients of all insurance companies. If rehabilitation is needed, the social service of our hospital will take over.

Any kind of anaesthesia is carried out in the Arabellaklinik by the anaesthesiological Anest Centre. The Arabellaklinik provides us with a very modern intensive care unit for maximum security paired with best medical skills. http://www.anest.de

Please, arrange any changes to stationary admissions only at the central telephone number of our headquarters
Phone: 089/24 21 87 33




As a modern care center in the picturesque district town of Mindelheim, we would like to inform you about the services of our neurosurgery practices.

Furthermore, we offer neurosurgical consultation hours once a week at the Kreisklinik Mindelheim at Bad Wörishofer Straße 44.

Surgeries and pain therapy interventions are performed at the Arabella Klinik in Munich.

Read an article from the clinic journal of the Mindelheim District Clinic here:




Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum (MVZ)
für Bandscheiben- und Wirbelsäulentherapie, spezielle Schmerztherapie (alle Kassen)
ambulante und stationäre Operationen, Mikrotherapie, konservative Wirbelsäulentherapie, periphere Nerven, spezielle Schmerztherapie

Dr. med. Matthias Schröder

Dr. med. Matthias Schröder
Dr. med. Ralph Kestlmeier
Fachärzte für Neurochirurgie


Dr. med. (IMF Bukarest) Johanna Marek
Fachärztin für Physikalische und Rehabilitative Medizin

In Kooperation mit Algesiologikum MVZ Schmerztherapiezentrum München

Tal 16, D-80331 München (Postanschrift)

Standort Arabella Klinik / Herzogpark Klinik
stationäre und ambulante Operationen, Arabellastraße 5, 81925 München

Logo_Arabella_Klinik Herzogpark_Klinik_Logo

Standort Mindelheim
MVZ Mindelheim an der Kreisklinik Mindelheim
Bad Wörishofer Straße 44, 87719 Mindelheim
Telefon: 08261 - 90 96-920  

In dringenden Notfällen sind wir über unsere Rufbereitschaft unter der Telefonnummer
089 - 92 20 92 133 (Arabella Klinik) rund um die Uhr zu erreichen.